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Oh blog! I should really try to update you more than once a year. I'm sorry for being a terrible and neglectful blawg mom. I tried bikepacking for the first time this past summer. It was... an experience.

Recently wrapped our Curse of Strahd campaign so Alex and I did another poster. Did I listen to a continuous loop of Castlevania music as I coloured this? Yes, yes I did. My neighbour's kid came over and was asking about the characters in the poster. Pointed out my character (the lil green guy roasting a bug) and asked if he saw the resemblance between the goblin and me. He gave an emphatic "YES." Thanks, kid.

The first ever printed copies of "Bitemare" are here, huzzah! They can be found under the "shop" tab here on my site, along with my prior "Alphabbit" book. That said, in typical cruel 2021 timing, they arrived two days after my beloved Spooky passed away. It hurts so much to have lost her unexpectedly like this and just before Christmas. She's left such a giant hole in our hearts. I had so wanted to have a funny photoshoot of her biting a book. It wasn't meant to be and I'm trying to come to terms with that. It's been a really truly awful, hard week for us and Snickers, her bonded buddy she left behind. I am glad though, that we are able to keep her memory alive in our hears and other's with stories of Spooky such as this. 50% of proceeds from the book sales will go towards paying Spooky's final hefty vet bill. The other 50% will be made as a donation to two local rabbit shelters we have chosen in Spooky's memory (VRRA and Rabbitats) We miss you, silly Spoo. We hope you're chewing up all the Christmas trees and taking over all the sofas in Bunny Heaven. Binky free. We love you.


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