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The Bitemare Before Christmas!

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Welpppp.... in classic Micaela fashion, I've left the blog to the vultures again. I had good intentions of uploading this here for Christmas, but instead got distracted uploading them on my other socials and this poor, sad blog got the short end of the stick. But in the spirit of "better late than never!", I present the Bitemare in all its bitey, festive glory. I'm hoping to have physical copies of it by Christmas 2021, so if getting a hard copy of the yuletide misadventures of a naughty bunny appeals to you, stay tuned! (but, maybe just to be safe, also follow @wongwabbits on Facebook and Instagram where my updates for this wee project are a little more... you know, existent, and on time.)


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